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stock market [specialized markets for financial instruments]

Roget category 799a

5. Words relating to the voluntary powers
5.9. Possessive relations
›› 5.9.3. Interchange of property

#799a. Stock Market [specialized markets for financial instruments]


stock market, stock exchange, securities exchangebourse, boardthe big board, the New York Stock Exchangethe market, the open marketover-the-counter marketprivately traded issues.
commodities exchange, futures exchange, futures market.
the pit, the floor.
ticker, stock ticker, quotationstock index, market index, the Dow Jones Index, the Dow Industrials, the transportation index, utilities, the utilities indexthe New York Stock Exchange index, the Nikkei index [Jap.Tr.]the Financial Times index, the FTI [Brit.], the over-the-counter index, NASDAQ index.
[person or firm trading securities] broker, stockbroker, jobber, stock dealer, odd-lot dealerspecialist.
[person who buys or sells stocks] investor, speculator, operatorbull, buyerbear, short sellerscalper, arbitrager, arbitrageurstockholder, share-holder, stockholder of recordbond holder, coupon-clipper [Sarc.].


speculate, invest, trade, trade stocks, play the marketbuy long, sell short, take a position, straddletake a plunge, plunge in, take a flier [Coll.].

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