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1 ban

A decree that prohibits something.

synonyms: prohibition, proscription.

Roget 908: malediction, malison, curse, imprecation, denunciation, execration, anathema, ban, proscription, excommunication, commination, thunders of the Vatican, fulmination, maranatha; ... show more

Roget 761: prohibition, inhibition; veto, disallowance; interdict, interdiction; injunction, estoppel [Law]; embargo, ban, taboo, proscription; index expurgatorius [Lat.]; ... show more

Polish: prohibicja

2 ban

100 bani equal 1 leu in Moldova.

3 ban

100 bani equal 1 leu in Romania.

4 ban

An official prohibition or edict against something.

synonyms: banning, forbiddance, forbidding.


A bachelor's degree in nursing.

synonym: Bachelor of Arts in Nursing.


1 ban

Forbid the public distribution of ( a movie or a newspaper).

synonym: censor.

Roget 761: prohibit, inhibit; forbid, put one's veto upon, disallow, enjoin, ban, outlaw, taboo, proscribe, estop [Law]; bar; debar etc. ... show more

2 ban

Prohibit especially by legal means or social pressure.

3 ban

Ban from a place of residence, as for punishment.

synonym: banish.

Dutch: verbannen

4 ban

Expel from a community or group.

synonyms: banish, blackball, cast out, ostracise, ostracize, shun.

Dutch: verbannen

Moby thesaurus: Eighteenth Amendment, Prohibition Party, Volstead Act, abscind, amputate, anathema, annihilate, banish, banishment, bar, bar out, barring, blackball, blackballing, blacklist, blasphemy, blockade, bob, boycott, boycottage ... show more.

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