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Roget category 862

6. Words relating to the sentient and moral
6.2. Personal affections
›› 6.2.3. Prospective affections

#862. [Excess of fear.] Cowardice


cowardice, pusillanimitycowardliness etc. adj. — timidity, effeminacy.
poltroonery, basenessdastardness, dastardyabject fear, funkDutch couragefear etc. 860white feather, faint heartcold feet [U.S.], yellow streak [Slang].
coward, poltroon, dastard, sneak, recreantshy cock, dunghill cockcoistril, milksop, white liver, lily liver, nidget, one that cannot say 'boo' to a gooseslinkBob Acres, Jerry Sneak.
alarmist, terrorist, pessimistrunagate etc. (fugitive) 623.


quail etc. (fear) 860 be cowardly etc. adj., be a coward etc. n. — funkcower, skulk, sneakflinch, shy, fight shy, slink, turn tailrun away etc. (avoid) 623show, the white feather.


coward, cowardlyfearful, shytimid, timorousskittishpoor-spirited, spiritless, soft, effeminate.
weak-mindedinfirm of purpose etc. 605weak-hearted, fainthearted, chickenhearted, henhearted, lilyhearted, pigeon-heartedwhite-livered, lily-livered, milk-liveredmilksop, smock-faced unable to say 'boo' to a goose.
dastard, dastardlybase, craven, sneaking, dunghill, recreantunwarlike, unsoldier-like.
in face a lion but in heart a deer.
" unmannedfrightened etc. 860.


sauve qui peut! [Fr.], every man for himself! [Fr.Tr.]devil take the hindmost!,


ante tubam trepidat [Lat.], one's courage oozing outdegeneres animos timor arguit [Lat.] [Vergil].

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