English synonyms about - contact  



1 conversation

The use of speech for informal exchange of views or ideas or information etc..

Roget 582: speech, faculty of speech; locution, talk, parlance, verbal intercourse, prolation, oral communication, word of mouth, parole, palaver, prattle; effusion.    oration, ... show more

Roget 588: conversation, interlocution; collocution, colloquy, converse, confabulation, talk, discourse, verbal intercourse; oral communication, commerce; dialogue, duologue, trialogue.    ... show more

Dutch: conversatie, gesprek
Polish: dialog, dyskurs, konwersacja, rozmowa

Moby thesaurus: ESP, accents, answer, chat, chatter, collegiality, colloquy, comment, commerce, communication, communion, community, confabulation, congress, connection, contact, converse, correspondence, dealing, dealings ... show more.

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