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1 reverence

A feeling of profound respect for someone or something:
— The Chinese reverence for the dead.
— The French treat food with gentle reverence.

synonyms: awe, fear, veneration.

Roget 877: title, honor; knighthood etc. (nobility) 875.    highness, excellency, grace; lordship, worship; reverence, reverend; ... show more

Roget 928: respect, regard, consideration; courtesy etc. 894; attention, deference, reverence, honor, esteem, estimation, veneration, ... show more

Roget 987: piety, religion, theism, faith; religiousness, holiness etc. adj.; saintship; religionism; sanctimony etc. (assumed piety) 988; ... show more

Roget 996: clergy, clericals, ministry, priesthood, presbytery, the cloth, the desk.    clergyman, divine, ecclesiastic, churchman, priest, presbyter, hierophant, ... show more

Dutch: vrees
Polish: rewerencja

2 reverence

A reverent mental attitude.

3 reverence

An act showing respect (especially a bow or curtsy).

Polish: rewerans


1 reverence

Regard with feelings of respect and reverence; consider hallowed or exalted or be in awe of.

synonyms: fear, revere, venerate.

Roget 928: respect, regard; revere, reverence; hold in reverence, honor, venerate, hallow; esteem etc. (approve of) 931; think much of; ... show more

Dutch: vereren

Moby thesaurus: accord respect to, admiration, admire, adoration, adore, adulation, apotheosis, apotheosize, appreciate, appreciation, approbation, approval, awe, beatification, bend, bending the knee, bob, bow, bowing and scraping, breathless adoration ... show more.

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