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1 beak

Beaklike mouth of animals other than birds (e.g., turtles).

Roget 234: front; fore, forepart; foreground; face, disk, disc, frontage; facade, proscenium, facia [Lat.], frontispiece; anteriority; obverse ... show more

Roget 967: judge; justice, justiciar, justiciary; chancellor; justice of assize, judge of assize; recorder, common sergeant; puisne judge, assistant judge, county court judge; conservator of the peace, justice of the peace; ... show more

Dutch: bek
Polish: dziób

2 beak

Horny projecting mouth of a bird.

synonyms: bill, neb, nib, pecker.

Dutch: bek, bekje, nebbe, snavel, sneb, snebbe
Polish: dziób

3 beak

A beaklike, tapering tip on certain plant structures.

4 beak

Informal terms for the nose.

synonyms: honker, hooter, nozzle, schnoz, schnozzle, snoot, snout.

Roget 250: convexity, prominence, projection, swelling, gibbosity, bilge, bulge, protuberance, protrusion; camber, cahot [U.S.].    thank-ye-ma'am [U.S.].    swell.    intumescence; ... show more


1 beak

Hit lightly with a picking motion.

synonyms: peck, pick.

Moby thesaurus: JP, Justice, antlia, arbiter, arbitrator, beezer, bencher, bill, bow, bowsprit, bugle, cape, conk, court, critic, downspout, figurehead, forecastle, foredeck, foreland ... show more.

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