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1 legitimate

Make legal.

synonyms: decriminalise, decriminalize, legalise, legalize, legitimatise, legitimatize, legitimise, legitimize.

Dutch: decriminaliseren, legaliseren, legitimeren, wettigen

2 legitimate

Show or affirm to be just and legitimate.

3 legitimate

Make (an illegitimate child) legitimate; declare the legitimacy of (someone).


1 legitimate

Of marriages and offspring; recognized as lawful.

Roget 494: real, actual etc. (existing) 1; veritable, true; right, correct; certain etc. 474; substantially true, ... show more

Polish: ślubny

2 legitimate

Based on known statements or events or conditions.

synonym: logical.

Polish: logiczny

3 legitimate

In accordance with recognized or accepted standards or principles.

4 legitimate

Authorized, sanctioned by, or in accordance with law:
— A legitimate government.

synonyms: lawful, licit.

Roget 760: permitting etc. v.; permissive, indulgent; permitted etc. v.; patent, chartered, permissible, allowable, lawful, ... show more

Roget 963: legal, legitimate; according to law; vested, constitutional, chartered, legalized; lawful etc. (permitted) 760; statutable, statutory; legislatorial, ... show more

Roget 924: having a right to etc. v.; entitled to; claiming; deserving, meriting, worthy of.    privileged, allowed, sanctioned, warranted, authorized; ordained, ... show more

Roget 922: right, good; just, reasonable; fit etc. 924; equal, equable, equatable; evenhanded, fair.    legitimate, justifiable, ... show more

Polish: pełnoprawny, prawowity

Moby thesaurus: acceptable, actionable, actor-proof, admissible, all-star, allowable, applicable, authentic, authoritative, authorize, authorized, ballet, balletic, binding, bona fide, by law, candid, card-carrying, certify, cinematic ... show more.

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