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1 integral

The result of a mathematical integration; F(x) is the integral of f(x) if dF/dx = f(x).

Roget 84: number, symbol, numeral, figure, cipher, digit, integer; counter; round number; formula; function; series.    sum, difference, ... show more

Dutch: integraal, integraalrekening
Polish: całka


1 integral

Existing as an essential constituent or characteristic.

synonyms: built-in, constitutional, inbuilt, inherent.

Roget 84: numeral, complementary, divisible, aliquot, reciprocal, prime, relatively prime, fractional, decimal, figurate, incommensurable.    proportional, exponential, logarithmic, ... show more

2 integral

Constituting the undiminished entirety; lacking nothing essential especially not damaged:
— A local motion keepeth bodies integral.

synonyms: entire, intact.

Roget 50: whole, total, integral, entire; complete etc. 52; one, individual.    unbroken, intact, uncut, undivided, ... show more

3 integral

Of or denoted by an integer.

Moby thesaurus: a certain, aggregate, algorismic, algorithmic, aliquot, all, all-embracing, all-inclusive, an, any, any one, atomic, basic, cardinal, complete, component, composite, comprehensive, constituent, decimal ... show more.

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