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1 distinguish

Mark as different:
— We distinguish several kinds of maple.

synonyms: differentiate, secern, secernate, separate, severalise, severalize, tell, tell apart.

Roget 465: discriminate, distinguish, severalize; recognize, match, identify; separate; draw the line, sift; separate the chaff from the wheat, winnow the chaff from the wheat; separate the men from the boys; split hairs, draw a fine line, ... show more

Dutch: onderscheiden, uiteenhouden

2 distinguish

Detect with the senses.

synonyms: discern, make out, pick out, recognise, recognize, spot, tell apart.

Roget 441: see, behold, discern, perceive, have in sight, descry, sight, make out, discover, distinguish, recognize, spy, espy, ken [Scot.]; ... show more

Dutch: onderkennen, onderscheiden

3 distinguish

Be a distinctive feature, attribute, or trait; sometimes in a very positive sense:
— His modesty distinguishes him from his peers.

synonyms: differentiate, mark.

4 distinguish

Make conspicuous or noteworthy.

synonyms: signalise, signalize.

5 distinguish

Identify as in botany or biology, for example.

synonyms: describe, discover, identify, key, key out, name.

Moby thesaurus: adorn, aggrandize, analyze, anatomize, atomize, be characteristic, behold, bestow honor upon, call attention to, catch sight of, categorize, change, characterize, chop logic, clap eyes on, classify, confer distinction on, contradistinguish, decide, define ... show more.

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