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1 purport

The intended meaning of a communication.

synonyms: intent, spirit.

Roget 516: meaning; signification, significance; sense, expression; import, purport; force; drift, tenor, spirit, bearing, coloring; scope.    ... show more

Dutch: geest

2 purport

The pervading meaning or tenor.

synonym: drift.


1 purport

Have the often specious appearance of being, intending, or claiming.

Roget 516: mean, signify, express; import, purport; convey, imply, breathe, indicate, bespeak, bear a sense; tell of, speak of; touch on; ... show more

Dutch: beweren

2 purport

Propose or intend.

synonyms: aim, propose, purpose.

Moby thesaurus: academic, acceptation, affective meaning, aim, aim at, allege, aspire after, aspire to, avow, be after, bearing, burden, claim, coloring, connotation, consequence, core, denotation, design, desire ... show more.

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