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1 specialty

An asset of special worth or utility.

synonyms: forte, long suit, metier, speciality, strength, strong point, strong suit.

Roget 771: security; guaranty, guarantee; gage, warranty, bond, tie, pledge, plight, mortgage, collateral, debenture, hypothecation, ... show more

2 specialty

A distinguishing trait.

synonyms: distinctiveness, peculiarity, speciality, specialness.

Polish: dziw, fenomen, osobliwość

3 specialty

The special line of work you have adopted as your career.

synonyms: specialisation, specialism, speciality, specialization.

Dutch: specialisatie, specialisme, specialiteit

Moby thesaurus: academic discipline, academic specialty, adjunct, applied science, appurtenance, area, arena, aroma, arrangement, art, aspect, attribute, badge, bond, brand, business, cachet, calling, career, career building ... show more.

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