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1 argue

Present reasons and arguments.

synonym: reason.

Dutch: argumenteren, baseren, beargumenteren, funderen, gronden, onderbouwen

2 argue

Have an argument about something.

synonyms: contend, debate, fence.

Roget 476: reason, argue, discuss, debate, dispute, wrangle, argufy, bandy words, bandy arguments; chop logic; hold an argument, carry on an argument; controvert ... show more

Dutch: redetwisten, aanvallen, bestrijden, betwisten, ingaan

3 argue

Give evidence of:
— The evidence argues for your claim.

synonym: indicate.

Roget 550: indicate; be the sign etc. n.. of; denote, betoken; argue, testify etc. (evidence) 467; bear the impress etc. ... show more

Roget 467: be evidence etc. n.; evince, show, betoken, tell of; indicate etc. (denote) 550; imply, involve, ... show more

Moby thesaurus: affirm, agitate, allege, altercate, analyze, announce, annunciate, approve, argufy, assert, assever, asseverate, attest, aver, avouch, avow, balk, bandy words, be construed as, be indicative of ... show more.

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