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1 substantiate

Establish or strengthen as with new evidence or facts.

synonyms: affirm, confirm, corroborate, support, sustain.

Roget 924: be due etc. adj.. to, be the due etc. n.. of; have right to, have title to, have claim to; be entitled to; have a claim upon; belong to ... show more

Roget 467: be evidence etc. n.; evince, show, betoken, tell of; indicate etc. (denote) 550; imply, involve, ... show more

Roget 478: demonstrate, prove, establish; make good; show, evince, manifest etc. (be evidence of) 467; confirm, corroborate, substantiate, verify ... show more

Roget 494: be true etc. adj., be the case; sand the test; have the true ring; hold good, hold true, hold water.    render true, prove true etc. adj.; substantiate ... show more

Dutch: onderbouwen

2 substantiate

Represent in bodily form:
— The painting substantiates the feelings of the artist.

synonyms: body forth, embody, incarnate.

Dutch: belichamen, representeren, verpersoonlijken, vorm geven

3 substantiate

Make real or concrete; give reality or substance to:
— Our ideas must be substantiated into actions.

synonyms: actualise, actualize, realise, realize.

Dutch: actualiseren, beseffen, inzien, realiseren, zich realiseren

4 substantiate

Solidify, firm, or strengthen.

Moby thesaurus: adduce, affirm, anatomize, assay, atomize, attest, authenticate, back, back up, bear out, body, bolster, bring to test, buttress, certify, circumstantiate, cite, confirm, corporealize, corporify ... show more.

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