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1 publish

Put into print:
— The newspaper published the news of the royal couple's divorce.

synonym: print.

Roget 591: print; compose; put to press, go to press; pass through the press, see through the press; publish etc. 531; bring out; appear in print, rush into print; distribute, makeup, ... show more

Roget 527: tell; inform, inform of; acquaint, acquaint with; impart, impart to; make acquaintance with, apprise, advise, enlighten, awaken; transmit.    ... show more

2 publish

Prepare and issue for public distribution or sale:
— Publish a magazine or newspaper.

synonyms: bring out, issue, put out, release.

Roget 531: publish; make public, make known etc. (information) 527; speak of, talk of; broach, utter; put forward; circulate, propagate, ... show more

Dutch: publiceren, uitgeven

3 publish

Have (one's work) issued for publication.

Moby thesaurus: advertise, air, announce, annunciate, bestrew, break it to, break the news, breathe, bring out, broach, broadcast, bruit about, circumfuse, come out with, confide, confide to, deal out, diffract, diffuse, disclose ... show more.

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