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Roget category 245

2. Words relating to space
2.3. Form
›› 2.3.2. Special form

#245. Curvature


curvature, curvity, curvationincurvature, incurvityincurvationbendflexure, flexion, flectionconflexurecrook, hook, bought, bendingdeflection, deflexioninflection, inflexionconcamerationarcuation, devexity, turn, deviation, detour, sweepcurl, curlingboughrecurvity, recurvationsinuosity etc. 248.
carve, arc, arch, arcade, vault, bow, crescent, half-moon, lunule, horseshoe, loop, crane neckparabola, hyperbola helix, spiralcatenary, festoonconchoid, cardioidcaustictraceryarched ceiling, arched roofbay window, bow window.
sine curvespline, spline curve, spline functionobliquity etc. 217.


be curved, etc. adj. — curve, sweep, sway, swag, sagdeviate etc. 279curl, turnreenter.
render curved etc. adj. — flex, bend, curve, incurvateinflectdeflect, scatter [Phys.]refract (light) 420crook turn, round, arch, arcuate, arch over, concameratebow, curl, recurve, frizzle.
rotundity etc. 249convexity etc. 250.


curved etc. v. — curviform, curvilineal, curvilineardevex, deviousrecurved, recurvouscrumpbowed etc. v. — vaulted, hookedfalciform, falcatedsemicircular, crescenticsinusoid [Geom.], parabolic, paraboloidluniform, lunularsemilunar, conchoidalhelical, double helical, spiralkinky cordiform, cordatedcardioidheart shaped, bell shaped, boat shaped, crescent shaped, lens shaped, moon shaped, oar shaped, shield shaped, sickle shaped, tongue shaped, pear shaped, fig shapedkidney-shaped, reniformlentiform, lenticularbow-legged etc. (distorted) 243oblique etc. 217circular etc. 247.
aduncated, arclike, arcuate, arched, beakedbicorn, bicornuous, bicornuteclypeate, clypeiformcymbiform, embowed, galeiformhamate, hamiform, hamoushookedlinguiform, lingulate lobiform, lunate, navicular, peltate, remiform, rhamphoidrostrate, rostriferous, rostroidscutate, scaphoid, uncateunguiculate, unguiform.

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