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1 probate

A judicial certificate saying that a will is genuine and conferring on the executors the power to administer the estate.

synonym: probate will.

Roget 771: security; guaranty, guarantee; gage, warranty, bond, tie, pledge, plight, mortgage, collateral, debenture, hypothecation, ... show more

2 probate

The act of proving that an instrument purporting to be a will was signed and executed in accord with legal requirements.


1 probate

Put a convicted person on probation by suspending his sentence.

2 probate

Establish the legal validity of (wills and other documents).

Moby thesaurus: affirm, attest, attested copy, authenticate, back, back up, bear out, bequeathal, bequest, bolster, buttress, certify, circumstantiate, codicil, confirm, corroborate, devise, document, fortify, inheritance ... show more.

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