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1 soundness

A state or condition free from damage or decay.

Roget 983a: orthodoxy; strictness, soundness, religious truth, true faith; truth etc. 494; soundness of doctrine.    Christianity, Christianism; Catholicism, Catholicity; ... show more

Roget 150: stability; immutability etc. adj.; unchangeability, etc. adj.; unchangeableness; constancy; stable equilibrium, immobility, soundness, vitality, stabiliment, ... show more

Roget 502: sanity; soundness etc. adj.; rationality, sobriety, lucidity, lucid interval; senses, sober senses, right mind, sound mind, mens sana [Lat.].   

Roget 654: health, sanity; soundness etc. adj.; vigor; good health, perfect health, excellent health, rude health, robust health; bloom.    mens sana in corpore sano [Lat.]; Hygeia; ... show more

2 soundness

The quality of being prudent and sensible.

synonyms: wisdom, wiseness.

3 soundness

The muscle tone of healthy tissue.

synonym: firmness.

Polish: jędrność

Moby thesaurus: admissibility, advantageousness, agreeableness, aplomb, auspiciousness, authenticity, authoritativeness, authority, balance, balanced personality, beneficialness, benevolence, benignity, body, calculability, canonicalness, canonicity, class, cogency, common sense ... show more.

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