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1 strictness

Conscientious attention to rules and details.

synonym: stringency.

Roget 739: severity; strictness, harshness etc. adj.; rigor, stringency, austerity; inclemency etc. (pitilessness) 914.1; arrogance etc. ... show more

Roget 983a: orthodoxy; strictness, soundness, religious truth, true faith; truth etc. 494; soundness of doctrine.    Christianity, Christianism; Catholicism, Catholicity; ... show more

2 strictness

Uncompromising resolution.

synonym: sternness.

Polish: surowość, srogość

Moby thesaurus: Sabbatarianism, absoluteness, accommodation, accord, accordance, accuracy, acquiescence, adaptation, adaption, adjustment, agreement, attention to detail, attention to fact, bibliolatry, bigotry, care for truth, censoriousness, choosiness, circumstantiality, closeness ... show more.

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