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1 negation

A negative statement; a statement that is a refusal or denial of some other statement.

Roget 468: counter evidence; evidence on the other side, evidence on the other hand; conflicting evidence, contradictory evidence, opposing evidence; disproof, refutation etc. 479; negation etc. 536.    plea ... show more

Roget 536: negation, abnegation; denial; disavowal, disclaimer; abjuration; contradiction, contravention; recusation [Law], protest; recusancy etc. (dissent) ... show more

Dutch: negatie
Polish: negacja, przeczenie

2 negation

The speech act of negating.

3 negation

logic A proposition that is true if and only if another proposition is false.

Polish: negacja

Moby thesaurus: abnegation, abolishment, abolition, absence, annihilation, annulment, antagonism, argumentation, bucking, challenge, choking, choking off, clashing, conflict, contention, contradiction, contraposition, contravention, contraversion, controversy ... show more.

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