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Roget category 884

6. Words relating to the sentient and moral
6.2. Personal affections
›› 6.2.5. Extrinsic affections

#884. Boasting


boasting etc. v. — boast, vaunt, crakepretense, pretensionspuff, pufferyflourish, fanfaronade gasconadeblague, bluff, gas [Slang]highfalutin, highfalutinghot air, spread-eagleism [U.S.]brag, braggardismbravado, bunkum, buncombejactitation, jactancybouncevenditation, vaporing, rodomontade, bombast, fine talking, tall talk, magniloquence, teratology, heroicsChauvinismexaggeration etc. 549.
vanity etc. 880vox et praeterea nihil [Lat.]much cry and little wool, brutum fulmen [Lat.].
exultationgloriation, glorificationflourish of trumpetstriumph etc. 883.
boasterbraggart, braggadocioGascon [Fr.], fanfaron, pretender, soi-disant [Fr.]blower [U.S.], bluffer, Foxy Quillerblusterer etc. 887charlatan, jack-pudding, trumpeterpuppy etc. (fop) 854.


boast, make a boast of, brag, vaunt, Puff, show off, flourish, crake, crack, trumpet, strut, swagger, vaporblague, blow, four-flush [Slang], bluff.
exult, crow, crow over, neigh, chuckle, triumphthrow up one's captalk big, se faire valoir [Fr.], faire claquer son fouet [Fr.], take merit to oneself, make a merit of, sing Io triumphe, holloa before one is out of the wood.


boasting etc. v. — magniloquent, flaming, Thrasonic, stilted, gasconading, braggart, boastful, pretentious, soi-disant [Fr.]vainglorious etc. (conceited) 880highfalutin, highfalutingspread-eagle [U.S.].
elate, elatedjubilant, triumphant, exultantin high featherflushed, flushed with victorycock-a-hoopon stilts.
vaunted etc. v..


vauntingly etc. adj..


let the galled jade wince" [Hamlet]; facta non verba [Lat.].

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