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1 misstate

State something incorrectly.

Roget 544: be false etc. adj., be a liar etc. 548; speak falsely etc. adv.; tell a lie etc. 546; lie, fib; ... show more

Roget 495: be erroneous etc. adj.. cause error; mislead, misguide; lead astray, lead into error; beguile, misinform etc. (misteach) 538; delude; ... show more

Roget 523: misinterpret, misapprehend, misunderstand, misconceive, misspell, mistranslate, misconstrue, misapply; mistake etc. 495.    misrepresent, pervert; ... show more

Moby thesaurus: belie, burlesque, camouflage, caricature, color, disguise, distort, dress up, embellish, embroider, exaggerate, falsify, fudge, garble, gild, gloss, gloss over, mask, miscite, miscolor ... show more.

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