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1 grammar

The branch of linguistics that deals with syntax and morphology (and sometimes also deals with semantics).

Roget 567: grammar, accidence, syntax, praxis, punctuation; parts of speech; jussive; syllabication; inflection, case, declension, conjugation; us et norma loquendi [Lat.]; Lindley Murray ... show more

Roget 542: school, academy, university, alma mater, college, seminary, Lyceum; institute, institution; palaestra, Gymnasium, class, seminar.    ... show more

Roget 66: beginning, commencement, opening, outset, incipience, inception, inchoation; introduction etc. (precursor) 64; alpha, initial; inauguration, ... show more

Roget 537: teaching etc. v.; instruction; edification; education; tuition; tutorage, tutelage; direction, guidance; opsimathy.    qualification, ... show more

Dutch: spraakkunstboek, grammaire, grammatica, spraakkunst
Polish: gramatyka

Moby thesaurus: abecedarium, abecedary, alphabet, alphabet book, basics, battledore, bowwow theory, casebook, choice of words, comparative linguistics, composition, derivation, descriptive linguistics, dialect, dialectology, diction, dingdong theory, elements, etymology, exercise book ... show more.

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