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1 utilize

Put into service; make work or employ for a particular purpose or for its inherent or natural purpose:
— How do you utilize this tool?.

synonyms: apply, employ, use, utilise.

Roget 677: use, make use of, employ, put to use; put in action, put in operation, put in practice; set in motion, set to work.    ply, work, wield, handle, manipulate; ... show more

Dutch: utiliseren, hanteren, benutten, aanwenden, bezigen, gebruiken, nemen, pakken, toepassen, verwerken

2 utilize

Convert (from an investment trust to a unit trust).

Moby thesaurus: apply, bestow, do with, employ, exercise, exert, exploit, handle, make use of, manage, manipulate, operate, play, ply, practice, process, procure materials, promote, stock, stock up ... show more.

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