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1 indecency

The quality of being indecent.

Roget 961: impurity; uncleanness etc. (filth) 653; immodesty; grossness etc. adj.; indelicacy, indecency; impudicity; obscenity, ribaldry, ... show more

Polish: nieprzyzwoitość

2 indecency

An indecent or improper act.

synonym: impropriety.

Dutch: onbehoorlijkheid, onbetamelijkheid, onfatsoenlijkheid, ongepastheid, onwelvoeglijkheid

Moby thesaurus: Babbittry, andromania, aphrodisia, bad taste, biological urge, bodily appetite, bourgeois taste, camp, campiness, carnal desire, concupiscence, desire, eromania, eroticism, eroticomaniac, erotism, erotomania, fleshly lust, furor uterinus, goatishness ... show more.

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