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1 antediluvian

Any of the early patriarchs who lived prior to the Noachian deluge.

synonym: antediluvian patriarch.

2 antediluvian

A very old person.

synonym: ancient.


1 antediluvian

Of or relating to the period before the biblical flood:
— Antediluvian man.

synonym: antediluvial.

Roget 122: past, gone, gone by, over, passed away, bygone, foregone; elapsed, lapsed, preterlapsed, expired, no more, run out, blown over, ... show more

2 antediluvian

So extremely old as seeming to belong to an earlier period:
— A ramshackle antediluvian tenement.
— Antediluvian ideas.

synonyms: antiquated, archaic.

Roget 124: old, ancient, antique; of long standing, time-honored, venerable; elder, eldest; firstborn.    prime; primitive, primeval, primigenous; paleolontological, ... show more

Polish: archaiczny, starodawny

Moby thesaurus: Bronze Age man, Gothic, Hominidae, Iron Age man, Methuselah, Stone Age man, Victorian, aboriginal, aborigine, age-old, aged, ancient, ante-bellum, antemundane, anthropoid, antiquated, antique, ape-man, archaic, autochthon ... show more.

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