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1 precisely

Indicating exactness or preciseness:
— He was doing precisely (or exactly) what she had told him to do.

synonyms: exactly, just, properly.

Roget 19: literally, to the letter, verbatim, literatim [Lat.], sic, totidem verbis [Lat.], word for word, mot a mot [Fr.]; exactly, precisely.   

Roget 25: to the tune of, all of, a full, the sum of, fully, exactly, precisely.   

Roget 132a: on time, punctually, at the deadline, precisely, exactly; right on time, to the minute; in time; in good time, in military time, in pudding time, in due time; time enough; ... show more

Roget 488: yes, yea, ay, aye, true; good; well; very well, very true; well and good; granted; even so, just so; ... show more

2 precisely

In a precise manner:
— She always expressed herself precisely.

synonyms: exactly, incisively.

3 precisely

Just as it should be:
— `Precisely, my lord,' he said.

synonyms: exactly, on the button, on the dot, on the nose.

Moby thesaurus: OK, Roger, absolutely, accurately, all right, alright, alrighty, amen, as well, as you say, assuredly, at the gun, aye, bang, by all means, carefully, certainly, concretely, conscientiously, correctly ... show more.

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