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1 charitable

Relating to or characterized by charity.

Roget 784: giving etc. v.; given etc. v.; allowed, allowable; concessional; communicable; charitable, eleemosynary, sportulary, ... show more

Roget 816: liberal, free, generous; charitable etc. (beneficent) 906; hospitable; bountiful, bounteous; handsome; unsparing, ungrudging; unselfish; ... show more

2 charitable

Full of love and generosity.

3 charitable

Showing or motivated by sympathy and understanding and generosity:
— Was charitable in his opinions of others.

synonyms: benevolent, good-hearted, kindly, large-hearted, openhearted, sympathetic.

Roget 906: benevolent; kind, kindly; well-meaning; amiable; obliging, accommodating, indulgent, gracious, complacent, good-humored.    warm-hearted, kind-hearted, tender-hearted, ... show more

Polish: wielkoduszny, wspaniałomyślny, łaskawy

Moby thesaurus: accommodating, almsgiving, altruistic, beneficent, benevolent, benign, bighearted, bleeding, bountiful, clement, commiserative, compassionate, complimentary, condolent, considerate, costless, easy, eleemosynary, expenseless, for free ... show more.

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