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1 large-hearted

Showing or motivated by sympathy and understanding and generosity:
— A large-hearted mentor.

synonyms: benevolent, charitable, good-hearted, kindly, openhearted, sympathetic.

Roget 942: disinterested; unselfish; self-denying, self-sacrificing, self-devoted; generous.    handsome, liberal, noble, broad-minded; noble-minded, high-minded; princely, great, ... show more

Roget 906: benevolent; kind, kindly; well-meaning; amiable; obliging, accommodating, indulgent, gracious, complacent, good-humored.    warm-hearted, kind-hearted, tender-hearted, ... show more

Roget 910: philanthropic, humanitarian, utilitarian, cosmopolitan; public-spirited, patriotic; humane, large-hearted etc. (benevolent) 906; chivalric; generous ... show more

Polish: wielkoduszny, wspaniałomyślny, łaskawy

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