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1 forbearing

Showing patient and unruffled self-control and restraint under adversity; slow to retaliate or express resentment:
— Seemly and forbearing...yet strong enough to resist aggression.

synonym: longanimous.

Roget 740: lenient; mild, mild as milk; gentle, soft; tolerant, indulgent, easy-going; clement etc. (compassionate) 914; forbearing; ... show more

Roget 914: pitying etc. v.; pitiful, compassionate, sympathetic, touched.    merciful, clement, ruthful; humane; humanitarian etc. ... show more

Moby thesaurus: Spartan, accepting, armed with patience, benevolent, charitable, clement, compassionate, conciliatory, disciplined, easy, easygoing, endurant, enduring, forbearant, forgiving, generous, gentle, humane, indulgent, kind ... show more.

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1 forbear

A person from whom you are descended.

synonym: forebear.

Dutch: voorvader


1 forbear

Refrain from doing.

synonym: hold back.

Roget 914: pity; have pity, show pity, take pity etc. n.; commiserate, compassionate; condole etc. 915; sympathize; feel for, ... show more

Roget 678: not use; do without, dispense with, let alone, not touch, forbear, abstain, spare, waive, neglect; keep back, reserve.    lay up, lay by, ... show more

2 forbear

Resist doing something:
— She could not forbear weeping.

synonym: refrain.

Roget 953: be temperate etc. adj.; abstain, forbear, refrain, deny oneself, spare, swear off.    know when one has had enough, know one's limit.    take the pledge, go on the wagon.    ... show more

Dutch: abstineren, inhouden, laten, nalaten, onthouden

Moby thesaurus: abstain, abstain from, avoid, be patient, bear, bear with composure, bridle, carry on, carry through, cease, curb, desist, dispense with, do without, endure, escape, eschew, evade, forgive, forgo ... show more.

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