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1 begging

A solicitation for money or food (especially in the street by an apparently penniless person).

synonyms: beggary, mendicancy.

Roget 765: request, requisition; claim etc. (demand) 741; petition, suit, prayer; begging letter, round robin.    motion, overture, ... show more

Dutch: bedelarij, gebedel
Polish: żebranina

Moby thesaurus: adjuratory, appealing, beggary, beseeching, bumming, cadging, entreating, imploring, mendicancy, mendicant, mendicity, mooching, panhandling, petitionary, pleading, prayerful, precative, precatory, scrounging, suppliant ... show more.

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1 beg

Call upon in supplication; entreat:
— I beg you to stop!.

synonyms: implore, pray.

Roget 765: request, ask; beg, crave, sue, pray, petition, solicit, invite, pop the question, make bold to ask; beg leave, beg a boon; ... show more

Dutch: afsmeken, bidden, smeken, suppliëren

2 beg

Make a solicitation or entreaty for something; request urgently or persistently.

synonyms: solicit, tap.

3 beg

Ask to obtain free.

4 beg

Dodge, avoid answering, or take for granted.


Roget 745: master, padrone; lord, lord paramount; commander, commandant; captain; chief, chieftain; sirdar, sachem, sheik, head, senior, ... show more

Moby thesaurus: adjure, appeal, appeal to, ask, bear, beget, beseech, besiege, brace, breed, bum, cadge, call for help, call on, call upon, circumvent, clamor for, conjure, crave, cry for ... show more.

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