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1 mendicancy

The state of being a beggar or mendicant:
— They were reduced to mendicancy.

synonyms: beggary, mendicity.

Roget 804: poverty, indigence, penury, pauperism, destitution, want; need, neediness; lack, necessity, privation, distress, difficulties, ... show more

Dutch: bedelarij

2 mendicancy

A solicitation for money or food (especially in the street by an apparently penniless person).

synonyms: beggary, begging.

Roget 765: request, requisition; claim etc. (demand) 741; petition, suit, prayer; begging letter, round robin.    motion, overture, ... show more

Dutch: bedelarij, gebedel
Polish: ┼╝ebranina

Moby thesaurus: bare cupboard, bare subsistence, beggarliness, beggary, begging, bumming, cadging, deprivation, destitution, empty purse, grinding poverty, gripe, hand-to-mouth existence, homelessness, impoverishment, indigence, lack, mendicity, moneylessness, mooching ... show more.

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