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1 acuteness

A sensitivity that is keen and highly developed.

Roget 465: discrimination, distinction, differentiation, diagnosis, diorism; nice perception; perception of difference, appreciation of difference; estimation etc. 466; nicety, refinement; ... show more

Roget 498: intelligence, capacity, comprehension, understanding; cuteness, sabe [U.S.], savvy [U.S.]; intellect etc. 450; nous [Fr.], parts, sagacity, mother wit, ... show more

2 acuteness

A quick and penetrating intelligence:
— He argued with great acuteness.

synonyms: acuity, keenness, sharpness.

Dutch: gehaaid, luciditeit, pienter, scherpte, scherpzinnigheid, schranderheid, spitsheid, vernuft
Polish: przenikliwość

3 acuteness

The quality of having a sharp edge or point.

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