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1 insolvency

The lack of financial resources.

Roget 808: nonpayment; default, defalcation; protest, repudiation; application of the sponge; whitewashing.    insolvency, bankruptcy, failure; insufficiency etc. 640; run upon a bank; ... show more

Roget 640: insufficiency; inadequacy, inadequateness; incompetence etc. (impotence) 158; deficiency etc. (incompleteness) 53; imperfection etc. 651; ... show more

Roget 804: poverty, indigence, penury, pauperism, destitution, want; need, neediness; lack, necessity, privation, distress, difficulties, ... show more

Roget 806: debt, obligation, liability, indebtment, debit, score.    bill; check; account (credit) 805.    arrears, deferred payment, deficit, ... show more

Dutch: insolventie, onvermogen

Moby thesaurus: bankruptcy, bouncing check, broken fortune, bust, collapse, crash, difficulties, distress, embarrassment, failure, genteel poverty, hard pinch, hardship, impecuniosity, impecuniousness, insufficient funds, kited check, light purse, narrow means, overdraft ... show more.

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