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1 dollar

The basic monetary unit in many countries; equal to 100 cents.

Roget 800: money, legal tender; money matters, money market; finance; accounts etc. 811; funds, treasure; capital, stock; assets etc. ... show more

Polish: $, dolar

2 dollar

A piece of paper money worth one dollar.

synonyms: buck, clam, dollar bill, one dollar bill.

Dutch: dollar
Polish: zielony, dolar, dollar, dolec, dolar amerykaƄski, baks, USD

3 dollar

A United States coin worth one dollar.

Dutch: dollar

4 dollar

A symbol of commercialism or greed:
— He worships the almighty dollar.
— The dollar sign means little to him.

synonyms: dollar mark, dollar sign.

Dutch: dollar

Moby thesaurus: C, C-note, Deutschmark, G, G-note, Mark, Reichsmark, afghani, anna, baht, bawbee, bill, bone, buck, cartwheel, cent, centavo, centime, century, conto ... show more.

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