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1 autopsy

An examination and dissection of a dead body to determine cause of death or the changes produced by disease.

synonyms: necropsy, PM, post-mortem, post-mortem examination, postmortem, postmortem examination.

Roget 363: interment, burial, sepulture; inhumation; obsequies, exequies; funeral, wake, pyre, funeral pile; cremation.    funeral, funeral rite, ... show more

Roget 441: vision, sight, optics, eyesight.    view, look, espial, glance, ken [Scot.], coup d'oeil [Fr.]; glimpse, glint, peep; gaze, ... show more

Dutch: autopsie, dissectie, lijkopening, lijkschouwing, nabespreking, necropsie, obductie, sectie
Polish: autopsja, sekcja, sekcja zwłok


1 autopsy

Perform an autopsy on a dead body; do a post-mortem.

Moby thesaurus: canvass, check, check out, check over, check up on, coroner, examine, give an examination, go over, inquest, inspect, look at, look over, medical examiner, monitor, mortality committee, necropsy, necroscopy, observe, overhaul ... show more.

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