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1 vestry

In the Protestant Episcopal Church: a committee elected by the congregation to work with the churchwardens in managing the temporal affairs of the church.

Roget 995: church, churchdom; ministry, apostleship, priesthood, prelacy, hierarch, church government, christendom, pale of the church.    clericalism, sacerdotalism, episcopalianism, ... show more

Roget 696: council, committee, subcommittee, comitia [Lat.], court, chamber, cabinet, board, bench, staff.    senate, senatus [Lat.], parliament, ... show more

2 vestry

A room in a church where sacred vessels and vestments are kept or meetings are held.

synonym: sacristy.

Roget 1000: place of worship; house of God, house of prayer.    temple, cathedral, minster, church, kirk, chapel, meetinghouse, bethel, tabernacle, conventicle, ... show more

Dutch: sacristie
Polish: zakrystia

Moby thesaurus: Council of Nicaea, Council of Trent, Easter sepulcher, Lateran Council, Vatican Council, ambry, apse, baptistery, blindstory, chancel, chapter, choir, classis, cloisters, conciliarism, conclave, conference, confessional, confessionary, congregation ... show more.

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