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1 smoky

Marked by or emitting or filled with smoke.

Roget 653: dirty, filthy, grimy; unclean, impure; soiled etc. v.; not to be handled with kid gloves; dusty, snuffy, smutty, sooty, ... show more

Roget 426a: turbid, thick, muddy, obfuscated, fuliginous, hazy, misty, foggy, vaporous, nubiferous; cloudy (cloud) 353.    ... show more

Roget 426: opaque, impervious to light; adiaphanous; dim etc. 422; turbid, thick, muddy, opacous, obfuscated, fuliginous, cloud, hazy, ... show more

Polish: dymny, dymowy

2 smoky

Tasting of smoke.

Moby thesaurus: Quaker-colored, acier, aerial, aerodynamic, aerostatic, aery, airy, ashen, ashy, besmirched, blackened, blotchy, canescent, cinereous, cinerous, dapple, dapple-gray, dappled, dappled-gray, darkened ... show more.

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