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1 saturation

The process of totally saturating something with a substance:
— The saturation of cotton with ether.

synonym: impregnation.

Roget 52: completeness etc. adj.; completion etc. 729; integration; allness.    entirety; perfection etc. 650; solidity, ... show more

Roget 641: redundancy, redundance; too much, too many; superabundance, superfluity, superfluence, saturation; nimiety, transcendency, exuberance, profuseness; profusion ... show more

Roget 869: satiety, satisfaction, saturation, repletion, glut, surfeit; cloyment, satiation; weariness etc. 841.    spoiled child; enfant gete [Fr.], ... show more

Polish: saturacja

2 saturation

The act of soaking thoroughly with a liquid.

3 saturation

A condition in which a quantity no longer responds to some external influence.

Polish: nasycenie

4 saturation

Chromatic purity: freedom from dilution with white and hence vivid in hue.

synonyms: chroma, intensity, vividness.

Polish: nasycenie, saturacja

Moby thesaurus: Munsell chroma, Technicolor, amplitude, bellyful, brewing, bright color, brightness, brilliance, chroma, chromatic color, chromaticity, color, color quality, colorfulness, colorimetric quality, congestion, cool color, decoction, drench, drenching ... show more.

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