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1 landscaping

Working as a landscape gardener.

synonym: landscape gardening.

Roget 845: beauty, the beautiful, to kalon [Gr.], le beau ideal.    [Science of the perception of beauty] aesthetics, callaesthetics.    [-beauty of people] pulchritude, form, elegance, grace, beauty unadorned, ... show more

2 landscaping

A garden laid out for esthetic effect.

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1 landscape

An expanse of scenery that can be seen in a single view.

Roget 448: appearance, phenomenon, sight, spectacle, show, premonstration, scene, species, view, coup d'oeil [Fr.]; lookout, outlook, prospect, vista, ... show more

Dutch: landschap
Polish: krajobraz, pejzaż, widok

2 landscape

Painting depicting an expanse of natural scenery.

Dutch: landschap
Polish: krajobraz, landszaft, pejzaż

3 landscape

A genre of art dealing with the depiction of natural scenery.

synonym: landscape painting.

Roget 556: painting; depicting; drawing etc. v.; design; perspective, sciagraphy, skiagraphy; chiaroscuro etc. (light) 420; composition; ... show more

Polish: pejzaż

4 landscape

An extensive mental viewpoint.


1 landscape

Embellish with plants.

2 landscape

Do landscape gardening.

Moby thesaurus: airscape, aspect, cityscape, cloudscape, countryside, diorama, exterior, farmscape, interior, lookout, outlook, panorama, pastoral, perspective, prospect, riverscape, scape, scene, scenery, scenic view ... show more.

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