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1 championship

The status of being a champion.

synonym: title.

Dutch: kampioenschap, titel
Polish: championat, czempionat, mistrzostwo

2 championship

A competition at which a champion is chosen.

Dutch: kampioenschap
Polish: championat, czempionat, mistrzostwa

3 championship

The act of providing approval and support.

synonyms: backing, backup, patronage.

Roget 707: aid, aidance; assistance, help, opitulation, succor; support, lift, advance, furtherance, promotion; coadjuvancy etc. ... show more

Dutch: backing, ruggensteun
Polish: plecy

Moby thesaurus: Cadmean victory, KO, Pyrrhic victory, abetment, acme, advocacy, aegis, ascendancy, auspices, authority, authorization, backing, be-all and end-all, blue ribbon, care, charity, command, conquest, control, countenance ... show more.

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