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1 auspicious

Auguring favorable circumstances and good luck.

Roget 858: hoping etc. v.; in hopes etc. n.; hopeful, confident; secure etc. (certain) 484; sanguine, in good heart, ... show more

Roget 134: opportune, timely, well-timed, timeful, seasonable.    providential, lucky, fortunate, happy, favorable, propitious, auspicious, critical; suitable ... show more

Roget 511: predicting etc. v.; predictive, prophetic; fatidic, fatidical; vaticinal, oracular, fatiloquent, haruspical, Sibylline; weatherwise.    ... show more

Roget 734: prosperous; thriving etc. v.; in a fair way, buoyant; well off, well to do, well to do in the world; set up, at one's ease; rich etc. 803; ... show more

Polish: pomyƛlny

Moby thesaurus: advantageous, appropriate, befitting, beneficial, benevolent, benign, benignant, blessed, blessed with luck, bon, bonny, braw, bright, bright with promise, bueno, capital, cheering, cogent, commendable, convenient ... show more.

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