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1 nominate

Propose as a candidate for some honor.

synonyms: put forward, put up.

2 nominate

Put forward; nominate for appointment to an office or for an honor or position:
— The President nominated her as head of the Civil Rights Commission.

synonym: propose.

Dutch: benoemen, nomineren

3 nominate

Charge with a function; charge to be.

synonyms: make, name.

4 nominate

Create and charge with a task or function:
— Nominate a committee.

synonyms: appoint, constitute, name.

Roget 755: commission, delegate, depute; consign, assign; charge; intrust, entrust; commit, commit to the hands of; authorize etc. (permit) 760.    ... show more

Dutch: aanstellen, aanwijzen, benoemen, designeren, maken

Moby thesaurus: appoint, assign, back, back up, baptize, call, choose, christen, define, denominate, designate, dub, elect, endorse, entitle, finger, forward, identify, intend, label ... show more.

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