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1 newspaper

A daily or weekly publication on folded sheets; contains news and articles and advertisements:
— He read his newspaper at breakfast.

synonym: paper.

Roget 531: publication; public announcement etc. 527; promulgation, propagation, proclamation, pronunziamento [It]; circulation, indiction, edition; hue and cry.    publicity, ... show more

Roget 532: news; information etc. 527; piece of news [Fr.], budget of news, budget of information; intelligence, tidings.    word, advice, aviso [Sp.], message; ... show more

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Dutch: courant, dagblad, gazet, krant, nieuwsblad

2 newspaper

A business firm that publishes newspapers:
— Murdoch owns many newspapers.

synonyms: newspaper publisher, paper.

Dutch: krant

3 newspaper

The physical object that is the product of a newspaper publisher:
— When it began to rain he covered his head with a newspaper.

synonym: paper.

Polish: gazeta

4 newspaper

Cheap paper made from wood pulp and used for printing newspapers:
— They used bales of newspaper every day.

synonym: newsprint.

Dutch: krantenpapier, nieuwsblad
Polish: papier gazetowy

Moby thesaurus: advice, broadcast journalism, daily, daily newspaper, extra, extra edition, gazette, information, intelligence, journalism, magazine, national newspaper, neighborhood newspaper, news, news agency, news medium, news service, newsiness, newsletter, newsmagazine ... show more.

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