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1 million

The number that is represented as a one followed by 6 zeros.

synonyms: 1000000, meg, one thousand thousand.

Roget 372: man, mankind; human race, human species, human kind, human nature; humanity, mortality, flesh, generation.    [Science of man] anthropology, anthropogeny, ... show more

Polish: mln, milion

2 million

A very large indefinite number (usually hyperbole):
— There were millions of flies.

synonyms: bazillion, billion, gazillion, jillion, trillion, zillion.

Roget 98: five, cinque [Fr.], quint, quincux; six, half-a-dozen, half dozen; seven; eight; nine, three times three; dicker; ten, decade; ... show more

Dutch: triljoen


1 million

in Roman numerals, M written with a macron over it Denoting a quantity consisting of 1,000,000 items or units.

Moby thesaurus: a billion, a crore, a lakh, a million, a myriad, a nonillion, a quadrillion, a thousand, a zillion, billion, considerable, crore, ever so many, full many, gobs, heap, heaped-up, jillion, loads, many ... show more.

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