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1 farinaceous

Resembling starch.

synonyms: amylaceous, amyloid, amyloidal, starchlike.

2 farinaceous

Composed of or covered with particles resembling meal in texture or consistency.

synonyms: coarse-grained, grainy, granular, granulose, gritty, mealy.

Roget 330: powdery, pulverulent, granular, mealy, floury, farinaceous, branny, furfuraceous, flocculent, dusty, sandy, sabulous, psammous; arenose, ... show more

Polish: ziarnisty, ziarnowy

Moby thesaurus: botanic, branny, bulbous, cereal, chalklike, chalky, comminute, comminuted, crushed, detrital, detrited, disintegrated, dusty, efflorescent, fine, flaky, floury, fruitlike, fruity, furfuraceous ... show more.

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