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1 squadron

A cavalry unit consisting of two or more troops and headquarters and supporting arms.

Roget 726: combatant; disputant, controversialist, polemic, litigant, belligerent; competitor, rival, corrival; fighter, assailant; champion, Paladin; mosstrooper, ... show more

Polish: eskadron, szwadron

2 squadron

An air force unit larger than a flight and smaller than a group.

Dutch: eskader
Polish: dywizjon

3 squadron

A naval unit that is detached from the fleet for a particular task.

Polish: eskadra

Moby thesaurus: KP, Naval Construction Battalion, RN, Royal Navy, Seabees, USN, United States Navy, air arm, air corps, air force, air service, argosy, armada, army, army group, battalion, battery, battle group, brigade, cadre ... show more.

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