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1 midst

The location of something surrounded by other things:
— In the midst of the crowd.

synonym: thick.

Roget 68: middle, midst, mediety, mean etc. 29; medium, middle term; center etc. 222, mid-course etc. 628; ... show more

Dutch: midden


Roget 228: between, betwixt; twixt; among, amongst; amid, amidst; mid, midst; in the thick of; betwixt and between; sandwich-wise; parenthetically, obiter dictum.    ... show more

Roget 222: middle; midst; centrally etc. adj..

Moby thesaurus: amid, amidst, among, amongst, between, betwixt, betwixt and between, center, core, diameter, diaphragm, equator, heart, interior, kernel, mean, median, mid, middle, midmost ... show more.

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