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1 indistinguishable

Exactly alike; incapable of being perceived as different:
— They wore indistinguishable hats.

synonym: identical.

Roget 13: identical; self, ilk; the same etc. n.. selfsame, one and the same, homoousian.    coincide, coalescent, coalescing; indistinguishable; one; ... show more

Roget 27: equal, even, level, monotonous, coequal, symmetrical, coordinate; on a par with, on a level with, on a footing with; up to the mark; equiparant.    equivalent, ... show more

Roget 447: invisible, imperceptible; undiscernible, indiscernible; unapparent, non-apparent; out of sight, not in sight; a perte de vue [Fr.]; behind the scenes, behind the curtain; viewless, sightless; ... show more

Polish: równy, jednoraki, taki sam, jednakowy

2 indistinguishable

Not capable of being distinguished or differentiated:
— The two specimens are actually different from each other but the differences are almost indistinguishable.
— The twins were indistinguishable.
— A colorless person quite indistinguishable from the colorless mass of humanity.

synonym: undistinguishable.

Roget 465a: indiscriminate; undistinguished, indistinguishable, undistinguishable; unmeasured; promiscuous, undiscriminating.   

Moby thesaurus: alike, all one, all the same, blear, bleared, bleary, blurred, blurry, confused, consubstantial, dark, dim, duplicate, equal, equivalent, exactly alike, faint, feeble, filmy, foggy ... show more.

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