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1 aesthetic

philosophy A philosophical theory as to what is beautiful.

synonym: esthetic.

Dutch: esthetisch


1 aesthetic

Relating to or dealing with the subject of aesthetics:
— Aesthetic values.

synonym: esthetic.

Roget 375: sensible, sensitive, sensuous; aesthetic, perceptive, sentient; conscious etc. (aware) 490.    acute, sharp, keen, ... show more

Polish: estetyczny

2 aesthetic

Concerning or characterized by an appreciation of beauty or good taste:
— The aesthetic faculties.
— An aesthetic person.
— Aesthetic feeling.
— The illustrations made the book an aesthetic success.

synonyms: aesthetical, esthetic, esthetical.

Polish: estetyczny

3 aesthetic

Aesthetically pleasing.

synonyms: artistic, esthetic.

Roget 845: beautiful, beauteous; handsome; gorgeous; pretty; lovely, graceful, elegant, prepossessing; attractive etc. (inviting) 615; delicate, ... show more

Roget 850: in good taste, cute, tasteful, tasty; unaffected, pure, chaste, classical, attic; cultivated, refined; dainty; esthetic, aesthetic, ... show more

Polish: estetyczny

Moby thesaurus: Attic, aesthetically appealing, art-conscious, artistic, arty, attractive, beauteous, beautiful, chaste, choice, classic, cultivated, discriminating, elegant, endowed with beauty, excellent, exquisite, eye-filling, fine, flowerlike ... show more.

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