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1 Mafia

A crime syndicate in the United States; organized in families; believed to have important relations to the Sicilian Mafia.

synonyms: Cosa Nostra, Maffia.

Dutch: maffia, mafia
Polish: cosa nostra

2 Mafia

A secret terrorist group in Sicily; originally opposed tyranny but evolved into a criminal organization in the middle of the 19th century.

synonyms: Maffia, Sicilian Mafia.

3 mafia

Any tightly knit group of trusted associates.

synonym: maffia.

Roget 792: thief, robber, homo triumliterarum [Lat.], pilferer, rifler, filcher, plagiarist.    spoiler, depredator, pillager, marauder; harpy, shark [Slang], ... show more

Dutch: maffia

Moby thesaurus: Black Hand, Cosa Nostra, black market, bootlegging, gambling, gangdom, gangland, gray market, illegal commerce, illegal operations, illegitimate business, illicit business, loan-sharking, moonshining, narcotics traffic, organized crime, prostitution, protection racket, racket, shady dealings ... show more.

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